Hear what our patients have to say...

"Dr. B. helped saved my life when nobody else in the medical profession could help me. I was experiencing fibromyalgia, uncontrollable asthma and allergies, crippling anxiety, and unrelenting fatigue that made me want to just end it all. Other doctors prescribed me antidepressants and high doses of steroids that destroyed my gut health and made me even more crazy. Dr. B. was able to diagnose that I actually had mold poisoning. Once I moved out of the mold my health turned the corner. She's helping me detox the mold and heal and manage my remaining symptoms with safe supplements as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. It's been a slow and steady path, but with her help I am off all the meds that were making me sick. I'm healing my gut and my brain, and every day I feel I have a new lease on life. If you want to actually get to the root of your health troubles and HEAL, not just mask symptoms, Dr. B. is the doctor for you."  

- Louise P.

“Dr. B is a pioneer in the field of Functional Medicine. She is one of that brave cadre of MDs who recognize that the system that they were trained in does not serve the healing, health and wholeness of their patients, and she is doing something about that. She educates and trains herself in the latest information and testing available and brings those techniques to her patients in a spirit of collaboration to improve their overall health- wherever they are.  

As an RN, trained in the same system and practicing preventative health for many years I appreciate her knowledge and professionalism. She is compassionate, patient and applies her knowledge to her own life. Her goal is to get each of her patients and herself to the “best possible” condition. My health has continued to improve and stabilize under her care. I can recommend without reservation working with Dr. Birkholz.” 

– Pamella C.

"Dr. Birkholz provides clear and individual instructions to correct patients' past mistakes and become truly healthy. There is no other practice that listens and cares about patients like this one does. I am so grateful to know someone who stays relevant and cares about her patients individually. Dr. Birkholz is unique in her passion to ensure her patients' care and quality of life." 

- Kathy P.

“Dr. B is a both a highly skilled clinician and a great healer. Through her comprehensive but affordable testing protocol I got a very detailed and clear sense of the healing path I needed to walk. She helped me sort through all the complex information and broke it all down into manageable action steps that would make the biggest difference in my health. I am now feeling better than ever after nearly four years of fatigue and low energy. I’m very lucky to have Dr. B. on my side…”  

– Matthew E.

" Although I've enjoyed a relationship with Dr. B for years, I have felt so much better since she left her last practice and is focusing on wellness."

-Kathleen P.

"I have been a patient of this wonderful Doctor for over 25 years, and she has taken care of me in every aspect of the word.... I suffered for many years with depression and severe inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, even a large tumor in my brain. I was put on several heavy medications by specialists year after year to try to help me... and also to counteract the side effects of other medications. I was on ..high doses of med, frequent spinal injections, etc. I was on so many pain pills that I needed my husband's help to keep the medicine tray correct. It was so full I could never close the lids. It was not a good life, and this may sound strange and unbelievable to you, but I was not an addict in any sense of the word. 

Amidst all the specialists, Dr. B was the one constant I could really count on.... even before opening her wellness clinic she always took the time and listened to me, giving me different techniques to try and help me cope with the chronic pain. When she left John C. Lincoln and opened her wellness center I told my husband that I could not go on without her - there was no way I could make it! Now, as a patient of Your Wellness MD I can tell you that having more of a one on one relationship with your doctor helps you really receive a new kind of quality of care that is the ULTIMATE feeling. 

When I started as a patient of Your Wellness MD I had gained so much weight from the years of heavy medications prescribed by different specialists that I did not even recognize myself. When I started at this new clinic Dr. B. said, "we are going to try something different: let's try healing you with natural medicine." So, I said, "yes, I am willing to try!" I started taking some of the natural supplements she prescribed, and, guess what, it worked. I started cutting out pain medications and replacing them with healthy products.

I not only started feeIing better, but I also started losing weight without even trying! I mean, lots and lots of weight. At this point I have lost 72 pounds, and I can honestly say I am looking very good! The best thing is that I am on so little medication now. I am even off insulin for my Diabetes. That's right- no more insulin! My blood sugar levels are incredible, my blood pressure is normal for the first time in years, and my health is better than ever... Having a Doctor like Dr. "B" in your life is a life changing experience trust me. I truly hope you reach out to Dr. B. at Your Wellness MD. She is such a wonderful intelligent, caring, person you will be taking the right step to a better way of life both physically and mentally. 

- Debbie C.

"Dr. Birkholz is simply the best! She has me on supplements and vitamins that are specific to the needs of my body and she helping me manage the terrible side effects of breast cancer chemo. Just don’t know what I’d do without her!"  

-Gee S.

I came to Dr. Karla Birkholz for Wellness advice after having breast cancer for the second time. She guided me with care and information on which supplements I should take to stay healthy. I've been cancer-free for a few years now and contribute my success from the advice of Dr. Birkholz. 

~ Jennie Marroquin

"I experienced the value of Dr. Birkholz personally when I worked with her in a previous office. The way in which she blends intuition with medical knowledge was evident in the results she achieves for her patients. I often hear that people would like to have the benefit of an MD along with holistic therapies, and here she is." 

- Susan W.