How Can Health Coaching Support You?

Health coaches are “change agents” who help their clients establish lifelong healthy habits. Highly trained in human behavior, the psychology of motivation, and all aspects of health and wellness, a health coach works with you and your doctor to help you achieve your personal health goals. Together, you and your health coach will bridge the gap between knowing what you need to do in order to lead a more vibrant life and ACTUALLY DOING IT.

All people can benefit from receiving personal support when navigating change. True health and healing cannot occur without establishing lifelong healthy habits. Additionally, many healing protocols can be challenging and complex to implement.

Always in your corner, your health coach is an integral part of Your Wellness MD and supports you every step of the way...

  • Your coach empowers YOU as the expert on your own body, mind, circumstances and decisions
  • Your coach helps you discover your intrinsic motivation- the inner "why" behind a lifestyle change
  • Your coach helps you identify challenges and blind spots preventing positive change
  • Your coach will provide support and accountability as you navigate your healing journey
  • Your coach will use her broad knowledge of health and wellness to help you fully understand the changes you may be asked to make by your doctor.

No other health professional has this unique skill set. Health coaching fills a critical gap in healthcare by taking you from the "what and why" you've learned from your doctor to "how" you can make it happen in your life.

Meet Siri Cavanna


Siri is a Nationally Board Certified (NBME) Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Functional Medicine as well as a Certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher Trainer. With her extensive background in healthy movement, mindfulness, functional nutrition and family wellness, Siri will help you clarify and accomplish your optimal health and life goals.

Siri was called to health coaching after navigating her own journey with early onset autoimmune disease triggered by back to back mold poisonings. For Siri, Functional Medicine was a literal lifesaver, and she believes that the healing journey isn't one we should undertake alone. She is honored to provide health coaching for the patients at Your Wellness MD. Additionally, Siri offers private yoga instruction, meditation, and mindfulness training available anywhere via Zoom. She looks forward to supporting you on your healing path.


In addition to health coaching, Siri offers private yoga instruction, meditation, and mindfulness training available anywhere via Zoom.