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For only $300 a month you get unlimited, one-on-one Functional Medicine healthcare and health coaching from Dr. Karla Birkholz and her team. Strengthen your immunity and move beyond chronic disease. Shift from illness to healing, to THRIVING... and take control of your life. 

Visit your personal Functional Medicine physician online, and stay closely in touch with visits, email and texts. Personalized, precision medicine gives you the keys to unlock a lifetime of wellness and STAY healthy...

About Functional Medicine

  • Do you want to optimize your immunity to increase your ability to fight off illness and disease?
  • Have you been told that "nothing seems to be wrong" or "there's nothing to be done" even though you haven't felt well for a while?
  • Do you have a complex set of symptoms and diagnoses that aren't responding well to traditional allopathic treatments?
  • Would you like a science and evidenced based approach to discovering what is happening with your unique health experience... and to know you don’t have to continue suffering in confusion?
  • Are you looking for a doctor who specializes in longevity and prevention?
  • Are you confused about which health advice, dietary recommendation, laboratory testing and supplement protocols actually apply to you? 
  • Do you want to HEAL instead of just managing your symptoms with ever increasing amounts of medications?
  • Are you struggling to manage one or more chronic diseases?

Funtional Medicine looks deeper.

Rather than temporarily alleviating your symptoms with medication, Functional Medicine investigates and treats the unique root causes of your illness while also preventing more significant disease processes “downstream”. Functional Medicine is a systems based approach to wellness medicine that looks at the WHOLE PERSON and truly treats you as an INDIVIDUAL. Functional Medicine provides an unparalled opportunity for optimizing immunity now and for a lifetime.

Our society is experiencing a sharp increase in complex, chronic diseases that frequently have multiple symptom profiles and causes, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergies and asthma, mental illnesses and learning disabilities. These diseases don’t respond well to traditional allopathic treatments, which often fail to uncover the underlying causes of chronic disease. Chronic disease is the leading risk factor for severe illness from viruses like SARS-Cov2. And even though infectious disease is first and foremost on our minds today, in actuality 7 out of 10 people will actually die from a chronic disease. Today in America 27% of children have a chronic disease, and the economic costs of chronic disease are staggering. Additionally, many Americans are truly suffering from what we sometimes call chronic FT syndrome- they simply "feel terrible" without having an official name or diagnosis that acknowledges the depth of their health concerns. The good news is that many of these diseases and symptoms can be appropriately managed and even reversed with the lifestyle interventions and treatment protocols at Your Wellness MD.

Functional Medicine integrates the very best of traditional Western medical practices with what is sometimes called "integrative" medicine, viewing each person's healing path as a complex and unique mix of life experience, biological reality and personal meaning. You can expect to spend a considerable amount of time discussing your personal and family history, your symptoms, stressors, diet and lifestyle and, most importantly, your goals for your wellbeing. Recognizing the bio-individuality of each person, we begin our process by investigating the interplay of complex factors such as genetics, inflammation, advanced cardiometabolic markers and risk factors, hormones, gut health, toxicity, nutritional status and more.

We take the time to support your body, mind and spirit, and our goal is to see you thriving. 

At Your Wellness MD, we are appropriately conservative and low-risk in our investigations and treatment plans. Because, in truth, the latest fad diet, detox protocol or miracle supplement can actually be the thing that makes you sicker. With Dr. B's decades of experience she is uniquely positioned to make sure your efforts, time and finances, are not wasted.

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Your Functional Medicine Membership Includes: 

  • Everything in the Direct Primary Care Membership PLUS
  • Extensive health history, intake and assessments with your Functional Medicine Physician
  • Ordering and interpretation of specialty labs providing highly detailed information about your immunity, genetic, inflammatory, metabolic, gut health, nutritional, hormonal and toxin status
  • Unlimited visits with your Functional Medicine Physician to review labs, treatment protocols and progress
  • Unlimited text and email access to your Functional Medicine physician and health coach
  • A personalized and responsive wellness plan including diet, lifestyle, and medication/supplement protocols, designed by your Functional Medicine Physician in collaboration with YOU
  • Unlimited Health Coaching with highly trained, nationally board certified coaches
  • Optional Biometric Analysis and ongoing monitoring
  • Access to discounts on specialty labs, imaging, and healing/wellness therapies within the Wellness Elements network (*imaging studies for AZ clients only)
  • Free participation in all of our online courses
  • Longevity and optimal wellness protocols


Our Functional Medicine program is a 6 month program designed to initiate long lasting positive changes in your life that will continue over time. It's our experience that quick fix approaches also tend to fail quickly. Your individual treatment plan will be a mixture of shorter term interventions and suggested changes that we hope are lifelong. In our experience it takes at least 6 months to initiate the kind of lasting change that will reverse disease processes and help you thrive.

Over the course of 6 months expect to meet with Dr. B at least once a month and with your health coach twice a month. In between meetings you will have plenty of work to do, and we believe in moving at your own pace. Interventions that build immunity and address chronic disease absolutely require lifestyle medicine interventions such as dietary programs, exercise, stress reduction and mindfulness practices. For this reason, it is best to start this program when you are ready and able to commit to positive change.

Specialty labs are a necessary component of the Functional Medicine approach. Our initial laboratory recommendations will generally cost between $300 and $900 depending on the complexity of your health issues. These specialty labs are typically not covered by insurance and are not included in your membership. The costs for these labs (and imaging) will be paid by you directly to the vendors themselves, but Dr. B. works tirelessly to acquire discounts for her members. Dr. Birkholz will also order a comprehensive laboratory workup that IS typically covered by insurance, or you can utilize her highly discounted cash price. Ongoing and follow up labs will likely be recommended during your 6 month program in order to assess metrics around your progress. It is also highly likely that certain specialty supplements will be recommended based the information received from your labs. Not all supplements are created equal, and we only recommend nutraceutical quality supplements that meet our stringent quality standards.

After the completion of the 6 month program most clients graduate and continue with the Direct Primary Care Membership, while others find that more than 6 months is required to complete their Functional Medicine journey. If you choose to discontinue the 6 month program early or pause your membership, you can re-enter the program at any time for a $200 fee as a new intake will be required.


Your participation determines your success.

Invitations to our email and text portals will be provided upon enrollment. You are expected to provide regular updates of your progress through online access to your Electronic Medical Records and by text message. We are available to answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner. It is up to you to schedule monthly appointments with Dr. Birkholz and bi-monthly or weekly appointments with your health coach through our online scheduling portal.

Positive and healthy change is rarely a linear path, and sometimes you will feel things are moving too quickly or too slowly. Treatment protocols need to be fine tuned over time. You guide the pacing of your healing journey, and we are partners in creating a plan that will work for you. We encourage open, honest and clear communication so that you can get the most out of your Functional Medicine journey.

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