Family Medicine

Do you desire a relationship with a doctor that really knows and cares about you?

For just $129/ month you get an ongoing, personal relationship with your physician. Unlimited access by email, phone and text, and monthly online visits with no copay. A Family Physician and Functional Medicine Doctor with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Birkholz specializes in immune health, cardiometabolic disease prevention, hormonal health, detoxification and more. Contact Dr. B. anytime, and rest assured that she will make time for you when you need it. 

  • Are you looking to build your immunity and stay healthy?
  • Are you hoping to move beyond your chronic disease daignosis?
  • Are you tired of short visits where the Doctor doesn't have time to really hear your concerns? 
  • Are you tired of shuttling from one doctor to another every time your insurance changes? 
  • Frustrated with your high copays, deductables and the hidden costs of healthcare?  
  • Do you feel like you can never reach your physician when you have questions or need help?
  • Do you feel like you pay so much for health insurance that you can't actually afford medical care? 

Step outside the broken healthcare system and get the specialized, personalized care you deserve at a fair, transparent price. 

Your Wellness MD is committed to a model of continuous care, in which you and your physician work together over time to achieve YOUR vision of optimal health and wellness. Supported by high quality, personalized, and cost-effective medical care, you know your doctor is there for you whenever you need her...

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Your Direct Primary Care Membership with Dr. Birkholz includes: 

  • EASY ACCESS TELEHEATH- unlimited contact with Dr. B. via email, text and phone.
  • Monthly visits- all from the comfort of your own home
  • Full price transparency with no copays
  • An ongoing, intimate relationship with your personal physician
  • A preventive and holistic approach to health
  • Access to highly discounted specialty labs and imaging, unavailable through most insurance plans
  • Discounts on wellness products, supplements, and some prescriptions
  • Advocacy, support and guidance navigating a complex medical world
  • Discounts for family memberships and yearly memberships  

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Direct Primary Care Works For YOU...

Your Wellness MD is part of an innovative, increasingly popular model of primary health care delivery called Direct Primary Care. DPC allows your physician to focus on her patient rather than an insurance company.  

Unlike the traditionally priced/medical model, Direct Primary Care is based on a reasonably priced, monthly membership fee which buys flexibility, more time, and access to a higher quality of health care. Join the 250,000 other Americans who are also benefitting from direct primary care. 

Why Does Family Medicine Matter?

A Family Doctor is your personal physician, for you and your family, for people of all ages.  

It has been shown that simply having a continuing relationship with a Primary Care Doctor will reduce your healthcare costs by 25% and create better long term health outcomes. Immune health is more important than ever and requires a doctor that looks at you as a WHOLE human being, evaluating and coordinating every part of your complex health profile.

Family Medicine is not limited by organ systems, gender, age, or health problems. Family physicians provide “first stop” diagnoses and treatment as well as preventive care and management of complex, chronic disease. They also advise, refer and coordinate your care amongst specialists within a very complicated healthcare system. A Primary Care Doctor knows you PERSONALLY and manages your care from beginning to end, looking at the big picture of your health and healing in a way no other physicians do or can.

Family Physicians complete an undergraduate degree, medical school and three to four more years of specialized residency training in family medicine. They also keep up to date with the current information, with a minimum of 50 hours of continuing medical education each year (although this web designer can vouch that Dr. B does several hundred CE per year). Investing in Family Medicine improves your health, saves you money, and provides a better overall healthcare experience.

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