Functional Medicine and Direct Primary Care

2019 Arizona Family Physician of the Year

Dr. Birkholz launched Your Wellness MD, a Direct Primary Care and Functional Medicine Practice, to fulfill her dream of creating a medical model that bridges both traditional and integrative medicine. At Your Wellness MD your healing is truly at the forefront.

Direct Primary Care makes deep, long lasting, healing relationships between patients and their doctors possible. 

Having worked in traditional allopathic medicine for her highly decorated 40 year career, Dr. B. wanted the next chapter in medicine to fully embody the wellness ideals she's long believed in. She wholeheartedly believes that direct primary care is superior to the insurance model economically, interpersonally and in health outcomes.  

Dr. B. has studied intensively throughout her career in Family Practice to become a renowned expert in prevention and wellness. Having fully “retired from insurance medicine”, she is now able to freely apply the cutting-edge science of personalized, precision medicine to help her patients achieve an optimal experience of life. Her current areas of focus and specialization in Functional Medicine are immune health, cardio-metabolic disease prevention, hormones, mold illness, environmental toxicity and gut health.

There are four primary ways to JOIN US:  

  • Join our FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE program for $300/month for a deeper dive and more comprehensive, targeted health interventions. Advanced specialty laboratory testing for immunity, genetics, gut health, inflammation, toxins, cardio-metabolic health and more help us create customized treatment protocols, diet and lifestyle intervention that revolve around YOU. Personalized health coaching with our Nationally Board Certified Health Coaches supports you every step of the way. Together we will sort through and address the genetic, inflammatory, infectious and environmental causes of your particular symptoms and work to create optimal health and vitality for a lifetime.  
  • For $100 a month you can join the DIRECT PRIMARY CARE plan which includes unlimited visits without a copay, unlimited virtual, phone, chat and email access to your personal physician, discounts on specialty labs and more. After 6 months in the Functional Medicine program, when health is stabilized, most of Dr. B's patients graduate to the Direct Primary Care program to continue their wellness journey. 
  • Our ONLINE COURSES AND EVENTS are an affordable and flexible way optimize your health and immunity now.
  • A few individual visits and consultations with Dr. B. are also available. SCHEDULE HERE.

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