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BUILD COMMUNITY WITH IMMUNITY: 7 Weeks of Emergency Prevention Strategies for Coronavirus (SARS-COV2) and Covid 19 illness

Online Course Build Your Immunity

Starts Tuesday, July 28

5pm to 6:30pm MST/PDT

Continues on Tuesdays for 7 weeks via Zoom

*all sessions recorded for your convenience



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BUILD COMMUNITY THROUGH IMMUNITY: 7 Weeks of Emergency Prevention Strategies for Coronavirus (SARS-COV2) and Covid 19 illness

As the country makes its attempts at re-opening, one thing has become more and more clear: this virus isn't going anywhere...

How do we avoid living in fear? How do we sort through of all the confusing and sometimes conflicting information in order to make informed and empowered choices? Why is it that some people get very sick while others stay well? How can we take responsibility for our health so that we suffer less from viral infections? How do decide what precautions are worth taking and stay connected to those we love?

We are rapidly learning, around the world, what is helpful and not helpful for Covid-19. Your best chance for being healthy in your community is to follow commonsense safety guidelines, address and heal from chronic health problems, and build up your own immunity.

NOW is the time to address “Emergency Prevention.” Now is the time to take action by building our immune strength and managing our chronic health challenges. Over the course of 7 weeks together we will build a repertoire of healthy habits, lifestyle interventions, targeted diet/supplementation and common sense approaches that will strengthen our immunity so that we are less vulnerable to disease. By supporting our own health we can support our communities. I hope you'll join me for this interactive and intimate educational experience to support your vibrant, vital life.  Through knowledge we can move from fear and confusion into health and healing....

- Dr. B.

"As a first-time attendee of a tele-medicine series of sessions, I found "Build Community with Immunity" an interactive and personal way to receive science-based information that could not have come at a better time. Dr. Birkholz presented complex information in digestible bites in an intimate venue that allowed individual attendees to ask questions that pertained to them and receive immediate feedback. Since everyone in the group received a record of all the sessions, it is easy to go back at any time in the future to use the information presented to better understand the role that nutrition, inflammation, exercise and more impacts our health. I am anxious for Dr. Birkholz to hold future sessions. Personally, I have not experienced anything else that provided me information that I could so easily understand and integrate into my lifestyle to improve my health."

- Kathleen P.


Our course will start on Tuesday, July 28th, at 5 pm to 6:30pm, Az time, on Zoom.  We’ll continue meeting weekly every Tuesday. Sessions will be recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing a class.

We’ll start with a centering exercise and sharing, review core information around our topic, provide plenty of time for sharing and questions, and end with a goal for the week.  Additional materials, helpful questionnaires and learning exercises will be provided. The course overview is provided below.

Your investment in this course will be $97, your time, and your commitment to making the lifestyle changes that seem appropriate to you. See the Hint link below to sign up.   All Members and Clients of Your Wellness MD can register for free by sending Dr. B an email at kbirkholz@yourwellnessmd.net or contacting her on your Spruce or Elation accounts.

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Week 1: Overview of Coronavirus and Covid 19 illness (SARS-COV2)

  • Covid Illness and Comorbidities
  • Statistics
  • Economic and Social Issues, Community Impact
  • Commonsense Prevention (masks, distancing and quarantines)

Week 2: Immunity, Toxins and the Exosome

  • The Immune System
  • What is the Exosome?
  • How do toxins affect our Immune System?

Week 3: Supplements for Prevention and Early Treatment

  • Supplements to Support our Immunity
  • General Health Supplements
  • Early Treatment of Viral Illnesses

Week 4: Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

  • Inflammatory Effects of Food
  • Healthy Eating Principles and Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • Managing Obesity and Cardio-metabolic Disorders During a Pandemic

Week 5 : Help From Our Microbiome

  • The Micro and Macro Effects of Our Microbiome
  • Mutual Benefits- Caring for The Microbiome as It Cares for Us

Week 6 : Movement as Therapy and Healing Sleep

  • Movement as Essential to Life and Mitochondrial Health
  • How Sleep Restores and Heals

Week 7 : Stress, Social Wellness and Resilience

  • Using Stress to Build Strength
  • Social Intimacy with Physical Distancing, Stay in Community
  • Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Resilience is Key to Health