with science based, individualized, precision medicine that puts YOU at the center of your healing journey.

Dr. Karla Birkholz M.D combines the best of traditional and integrative medicine, offering both functional medicine and Direct Primary Care for people of all ages.

Licensed in Arizona, California, Florida and Colorado, "Dr. B." offers affordable and unlimited telehealth visits via video chat, phone, email and text.

Choose Dr. Karla Birkholz as Your Personal Wellness Physician for optimal health and vitality.


Are you clear on what you need to do to feel your healthiest? Do you feel that traditional, insurance-based medicine isn't actually helping you heal and thrive? Do you desire a close, personal relationship with a doctor that looks deeper to find the root causes of your health issues? Are you interested in science based, individualized techniques to optimize longevity?

Rest easy knowing that your personal physician is there for you when you need her.

Dr. B is a both a highly skilled clinician and a great healer. Through comprehensive but affordable testing I got a very detailed and clear sense of the healing path I needed to walk. She helped me sort through my complex medical information and broke it all down for me into understandable pieces. We prioritized everything into manageable action steps that would make the biggest difference in my life. I now feel better than ever after nearly four years of fatigue, low energy and chronic illness. I know she truly cares about my life and my health, and I feel very lucky to have Dr. B. on my side.”  

-Matthew E.

With decades of experience in Family Medicine and Wellness, Dr. Birkholz specializes in the treatment and prevention of cardio-metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, chronic inflammatory conditions, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, autoimmunity, mold, mercury & environmental toxicity, neurological dysfunction and more.

Dr. B. works tirelessly to address every single issue impacting your health. Proactive and innovative, Your Wellness MD combines the best of traditional allopathic medicine, functional medicine, integrative wellness, and the emerging science of longevity medicine to give you the healthy, vibrant, energized life you want AND CAN HAVE.

WE DELIVER a modern approach to becoming and staying healthy. The future of medicine, rapidly evolving today, offers so much more than just responding to illness and managing symptoms.

OUR MISSION is to bring the very best in individualized, precision protocols and specialty testing to more people through our model of affordable, continuous care. A close relationship with your physician, built over time, and high quality resources for treatment and prevention, support YOU to achieve optimal health for a lifetime. We have the tools to optimize health, and we want to share them with you...


Dr. Birkholz is part of a new movement that offers affordable and accessible connection between patients and doctors outside of the traditional insurance model. Direct Primary Care allows your physician to focus on YOU, the patient, rather than the bureaucracy, mandates and restrictions of an insurance company. This gives both of you more flexibility, time and access to a significantly higher quality of care.


  • UNLIMITED, EASY ACCESS TELEHEALTH: virtual visits via phone or online video chat from the comfort of your home
  • Unlimited contact by phone, text and email
  • An ongoing, personal relationship with your physician
  • A preventive, holistic, balanced and immune strengthening approach to health and healing
  • Advocacy, support and education navigating a complex medical world of specialists and procedures
  • Access to highly discounted specialty labs and imaging unavailable through most insurance plans and discounts up to 90% on the retail price of some specialty labs
  • Discounts on wellness products and supplements
  • Discounted sessions with our health coach and psychotherapist collaborators
  • Full price transparency and no copays
  • Free access to all of our courses


Highly motivated patients can work with Dr. Birkholz to uncover and heal the root causes of illness, creating true health to last a lifetime. With cutting edge screenings and innovative treatment modalities, our "Func Med" clients dive deeply into the complex aspects of their health. Together we co-create your unique path to true healing and vitality. Consistent, one-on-one support from a functional medicine health coach helps you create and sustain lifelong healthy habits.


  • Everything in the $129 package PLUS
  • Comprehensive, personalized intakes and assessments with your Personal Functional Medicine MD that continue and evolve over time.
  • An in-depth and comprehensive look at your immune and inflammatory profile, genetic/epigenetic risk factors, advanced cardiovascular & insulin resistance markers, hormones, gut health & microbiome, toxin load, functional nutritional status and much, much more.
  • A personalized and comprehensive diet, exercise and wellness plan designed by your physician and coach in collaboration with YOU.
  • Individualized, finely tuned, responsive protocols that meet the demands of your ever changing health and lifestyle needs; there are never any one-sized fits all treatment plans.
  • 6 sessions of comprehensive health coaching to optimize nutrition, exercise, stress management, quality sleep, meaningful relationships, and the important life decisions that impact your healing (a $900 value)
  • Significant discounts on the most current specialty labs, imaging, prescriptions, supplements, therapies and protocols
  • *The Functional Medicine Program has a 3 month minimum enrollment.


Your Wellness MD offers safe and effective Ketamine Assisted Therapy in collaboration with talented and skilled practitioners in the fields of mental health, coaching, and holistic wellness, As part of an integrated health and wellness plan, Ketamine Assisted Therapy can address a variety of health conditions including depression, PTSD, chronic pain, addiction, and some forms of OCD, anxiety and more.

Although not appropriate for everyone, in low doses Ketamine can help people soften their psychological defenses, increasing receptivity to psychotherapeutic techniques. In slightly higher doses, Ketamine can initiate psychedelic effects that are thought to help people re-wire unhelpful thought patterns in order to create long lasting behavior change.

IMAGINE feeling better and better.

IMAGINE being healthier at age 60 than you were at 30.

IMAGINE having the tools you need to heal and STAY healthy.

IMAGINE having the energy you need to fulfill your passion and purpose.