with science based, individualized, precision medicine that puts YOU at the center of your healing journey.

Dr. Karla Birkholz M.D combines the best of traditional and integrative medicine, offering Functional Medicine & Direct Primary Care Family Practice.

Licensed in Arizona, California and Colorado, "Dr. B." offers easy access telehealth via video chat, phone, email and text.

Choose Dr. Karla Birkholz as Your Personal Wellness Physician.


Are you clear on what you need to do to be and feel your healthiest and create longevity? Do you feel that traditional, insurance-based medicine isn't actually helping you heal and thrive? Do you desire a close, personal relationship with a doctor who promises to look deeper to find the root cause of your health challenges?

Rest easy knowing that your personal physician is there for you when you need her...

“Dr. B is a both a highly skilled clinician and a great healer. Through her comprehensive but affordable testing protocol, I got a very detailed and clear sense of the healing path I needed to walk. She helped me sort through all the complex medical information and broke it all down into manageable action steps that would make the biggest difference in my life. I now feel better than ever after nearly four years of fatigue, low energy and chronic illness. She truly cares about me, and I'm very lucky to have Dr. B. on my side.”  

-Matthew E.

Why do some people get sick while others stay healthy?

A healthy immune system is your fortress against disease. Specializing in immune health, heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention, hormone health and environmental illnesses such as mold and metals toxicity, Dr. Birkholz works tirelessly to address everything impacting your health. Proactive and preventative, Your Wellness MD combines the best of Family Medicine, Integrative Wellness, Functional Medicine, cutting edge longevity medicine and cardiovascular prevention to give you the healthy, vibrant and energized life you want and can have.

WE DELIVER a modern approach to becoming and staying healthy. The future of medicine, rapidly evolving today, offers you so much more than just responding to illness and managing symptoms. Personalized protocols, an ongoing, close relationship with your physician and high quality resources for treatment and prevention support YOU to achieve optimal health for a lifetime.

IMAGINE feeling better and better.

IMAGINE being healthier at age 60 than you were at 30.

IMAGINE having the tools you need to heal and STAY healthy.

IMAGINE having the energy you need to fulfill your life’s purpose...


Dr. Birkholz is part of a new movement that offers affordable and accessible connection between patients and doctors outside of the traditional insurance model. Direct Primary Care allows your physician to focus on YOU, the patient, rather than the bureauocracy, mandates and restrictions of an insurance company. This gives both of you more flexibility, time and access to a significantly higher quality of health care.


  • EASY ACCESS TELEHEATH- virtual visits via phone or online video chat from the comfort of your home
  • Unlimited contact by phone, text and email
  • Unlimited, no rush office visits without a copay
  • An ongoing, personal relationship with your physician
  • A preventive, holistic and immune strengthening approach
  • Advocacy and support navigating a complex medical world
  • Full price transparency
  • Access to highly discounted specialty labs and imaging unavailable through most insurance plans
  • Discounted wellness products and supplements, and appropriate prescriptions
  • Free access to all of our courses
  • Discounted sessions with our exclusive network of complementary wellness professionals and coaches


Work with Dr. Birkholz to discover the root causes of your illness and create true health to last a lifetime. With cutting edge testing and innovative treatment modalities, we dive deep into factors such as genetics, inflammation, cardiometabolic risk markers, hormones, neurological health, toxins, hidden infections and environmental causes of illness. Together we co-create your unique path to true healing and vitality. Consistent, one on one support from your Functional Medicine Health Coach helps you make the healthy changes you want to make.


  • Everything in the $100 package PLUS
  • Extensive health history, intakes and comprehensive assessments with your Personal Functional Medicine MD
  • An in depth look at your immune health, genetics, inflammatory markers, cardiovascular profile, gut health, toxin load and more
  • A personalized and comprehensive diet, exercise and wellness plan designed by your physician in collaboration with YOU
  • Unlimited nutritional and lifestyle coaching and support from your personal health coach
  • Access to discounted specialty labs, imaging, prescriptions, supplements, and information regarding effective therapies and protocols
  • Individualized, finely tuned, responsive protocols that meet the demands of your ever changing health and lifestyle needs; there are never any one-sized fits all treatment plans


Dr. Birkholz is the founding member of the Wellness Elements Team, a collaborative of talented experts and practitioners in the fields of nutrition, fitness, mental health and holistic wellness. The members of Wellness Elements work together to encourage, support and transform your health. Dr. Birkholz designs your health plan and guides your team to optimize your journey towards optimal immunity.  

Be in touch with your healthcare professionals when and where you want. Text your doctor, and reach out whenever you have a question. The Wellness Elements team is available for in-person or virtual visits, giving you the time and access you prefer. Learn more...


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